Believing God for the Impossible

In June we had a team of 12 from BWC go to Honduras on a missions trip. The following is one of the stories of God’s love that came back from that week, as told by Carrie, a recent high school graduate:

This was my first missions trip out of the country and it was a totally new experience for me. I knew that people who go for the first time, usually get asked to speak at church and before I went I was like, “there is no way I’m speaking in front of the whole church,” but God gave me a new courage, and stretched my faith while on this trip. He gave me two opportunities to speak while I was in Honduras, once at the orphange and once at the Bordo. Those opportunities have prepared me to speak since, to be able to share heart publicly with more confidence than I’ve had before.

Before I went on the trip, and while on the trip, I was praying for God to do the impossible. Pastor Javin had been leading a discussion on Wednesday nights in our discipleship class, from the book “Sun Stand Still,” about asking God to do the impossible. I really wanted to see God do something amazing.

One night while we were at a church service I had the opportunity to pray over the pastor’s wife. Of course, I didn’t know Spanish and she didn’t know English, so I just decided to pray in tongues. As I was praying, someone came over and asked if the pastor’s wife needed to be prayed over. Lydia, our translator who was standing beside me, said, “Carrie is praying over her”. I responded, “Well I’m just praying in tongues so if you want to pray over her you can.” Lydia looked at me and said, “No, you’re praying in perfect Spanish.”

I was so shocked! I told her that I didn’t know any Spanish, so she asked the pastor’s wife if she could understand what I was praying, and she agreed. Lydia told her that I didn’t speak any Spanish and that the prayer I had been praying was all from God. She starts to cry, Lydia’s crying, and I’m just standing there saying “Thank you God for doing the impossible!”

It was amazing how what I thought was me simply praying in tongues, a normal part of my relationship with God, became a miracle in the life of someone else. Even though I was limited in not knowing Spanish, God has no limits. It just goes to show that God can do the impossible if you dare to ask Him!

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